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    The way a child's brain works is fascinating. The whole process and transformation of their brain as they grow up is by far the most important stage of their lives. How they begin to differentiate between objects, vocabulary, colors, what's right or wrong, needs and wants.  How they start accomplishing their speech, writing and reading process, have their own preferences towards things, even how they start to develop their own personality. Everything they learn during their early childhood will be vital for their intellectual and emotional development.

    Reading is also an important role in their evolution. It not only helps them stimulate their brains, but also help them with their linguistic skills. Hearing and listening the pronunciation of the words will help them prepare once they start reading printed words. Once they start reading on their own, it's so much easier for them, they'll just love to read. That is why reading to them should be a daily routine and that will help them develop their love for reading. We have a great variety of stories and fairy tales to entertain and delight everyone; along with searching for songs, poems, animated stories and be able to printout different stories for you to have.


    As they grow, they are more and more interested in the world around them and they start asking questions. A little bit about everything to satisfy their curiosity about how things work and why they happen. Here you will find Science and Social Studies Resources that will help you answer those questions in a instructive and easy way. You can discover many aspects of history and geography, learn the capitals of different countries, outline maps and discover the world and it's countries. Learn about our human body and the different systems operating within it.  Or maybe interested in learning about energy and how it works or something about ecosystems and learn how a tree lives, eats, drinks and grows. And if you want to go way back in time, check out dinosaurs and fossils; learn about them and learn why they went extinct.

    Let's not forget out math. That's something that comes in handy and will be used for the rest of our lives. There's many games to play for the little ones and big ones to help learn and practice all math skills like adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. And for those that are a little more advanced, there's fractions and decimals, logic and critical thinking, along with exercises and exams to challenge yourself, family and friends.

    Remember every child is different and will develop at their own pace. Stimulating a child's mind and helping them with their development is the parents job. We can help this development by playing with them and giving them fun and educational resources. This will help them to interact, learn and express themselves.  Here you can find fun games, puzzles, information, facts, exercises and so much more! It's a fun way to help your child improve memory, concentration, thinking skills, math and more. Find answers to questions kid's ask. This web site is not only good for kid's, but for the whole family. It's a fun way to learn, read, play and enjoy as a family.