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    Dinosaurs and Fossils

    Zoom Dinosaurs - Learn about different kinds of dinosaurs, fossils, and how and why they went extinct. Includes fun activities such as printouts and quizzes. Information starts at the basics, but progresses to more complicated as you advance in your knowledge.

    Dinosaurs - Provides a basic introduction to many different dinosaurs as well as a brief timeline of the earth.

    Dino-Roar - Listen to the cry of the Parasaurolophus, a long ago extinct dinosaur.

    Dinosaur Pictures - Look at pictures of many different types of dinosaurs. Be sure to click on them to make them bigger.

    Dinosaur Illustrations - Send a prehistoric postcard, look up information about dinosaurs and check out the great pictures.

    Dinosaur Data Files - Check out the fact about different dinosaurs, and see how big they were in relation to humans.

    Pictures of Dinosaurs - Contains three pages of great colour images from one artist.

    Bone Heads - Can you imagine having six inches of thick bone covering the top of you skull? And having pointed, wart-like bumps all over the front and back of your head? Click here and learn about pachycephalosaurs, one of the bone heads.

    Safe in a Crowd - Did you know that many dinosaurs nested in colonies, much the same way some kinds of birds do. Find out why they did this and learn about nesting habits of dinosaurs and pelicans.

    Dinotopia: The Official Website - In this website you can find out Dinotopia ; read the latest dino news; and have fun with puzzles and trivia.

    Life Over Time - Take the Field Museum Tour and learn about the beginning of life on earth and its development.

    Dinosaur Crafts - Make dinosaur bones, puppets, calendars, cakes and more at this site for free.

    Geo Mysteries - Rex the dino detective needs help solving some fun geologic mysteries using rocks, fossils and more clues.